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1.  Best line for life

If you decide, you can definitely live a better life than you are living now.

2.  Best line for life

' Fill the void ' is easy to speak, but it is very difficult to bear. Some people are going to dry us out of the shadow of death. The whole existence survives.

3.  Best line for life

Even though we do not have cameras installed on our own, even from our presence, our message is also 'under surveillance'! Ultimately, we ourselves are only seeing us.

4.  Best line for life

Understanding the mood and mentality of a person is also a part of love.

  5.  Best line for life

We do not have to meet the option of a certain person, because that person is 'ours'. There are many near, but not all are 'ours'.

6.  Best line for life

The reason for conflict in love or marriage is not because there is no love for each other, but the reason is that the mantle status of each other is different at the time. The mental condition of two people is never the same.

7.  Best line for life

  Do not go away every time, we sometimes get up too!
Best 25 line for life

8.  Best line for life

Whenever we are constantly in love, when we are constantly watching, we also have some responsibility. Keeping attention only that we do not understand our person as Punching bag or dustbins.

9.  Best line for life

Any 'stable' makes us 'inert'. If you are stubborn, you will never reach to the Lord. Purity should be for the sake of the Lord.

10.  Best line for life

A relationship is a direct relationship with empathy. If two senses are found, then there is respect in a relationship.

11.  Best line for life

'Oneness' also has a shape. It can not be done without interrupting one another.

12.  Best line for life

It is a matter of our hand to turn what is happening in our life. There is also an extent to becoming stupid. After that limit, I need to understand that now, I want to do my way.
Best 25 line for life

13.  Best line for life

One of the pleasures of life is that it keeps giving you ample opportunities to improve and improve. As long as there is last breath, nothing is final.

14.  Best line for life

Some restrictions are like liberation for us, so that is why we have got some people to lose.

15.  Best line for life

Everybody asking, saying, being inclined or stopping our independence does not seem to want to be happy.

16.  Best line for life

Untold independence often falsely frees independence if they do not have control over them.

17.  Best line for life

Our responsibilities are increasing when we are not told. When we do not want to answer anyone, we have to answer the same. Getting the right answer for your self is not easy.
Best 25 lines for life

18.  Best line for life

Though the roads leading to the destination are seen to be rugged,  they are not wrong. Well, we know many times, but it is not easy to be true. 

19.  Best line for life

If you can’t understand independence then chances of becoming a slave are increasing

20.  Best line for life

Ours is not only a tool to express our emotions, to discourage or to express sadness; it is a living awakened person who wants to be a pampering his senses.

21.  Best line for life

If nature does not change, then there is a lack. One reason for our problem is that we want to change the nature of others, we are not aware of our nature.
Best 25 lines for life

22.  Best line for life

Life can’t be given a separate line. Separated horses do not reach the stage. There is a huge difference in going somewhere, reaching somewhere and stopping anywhere. Life also needs reinforcement. 

23.  Best line for life

We are responsible only for what we do. Independence or salvation provides us with an equal opportunity to improve or spoil.

24.  Best line for life  

Nature gives us the same material that every day we keep on blossoming.
Best 25 lines for life

25.  Best line for life

The level should not be measured by mere rupees. There is also a level of rationality. 'Level' is not related to money, but there is a relationship with the mind.

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