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A military academy is a place of education that focuses on developing military training for students.  Only 45 military schools exist in the US.  Military academies have various levels of entry for students including 4 year college, 2 year college, high schools, junior high, and elementary.  Most of the schools serve the grade 9 to 12 students.  Some students will be placed in US military academy during their elementary years.  However, these days many students prefer to begin attending military schools at either the high school or university level.  In general, there are not many military boarding schools that cater to elementary to junior high students.  The few that do are there to prepare students for entry into military college prep high schools.  The United States has quite a few military high schools.

Military High Schools

The reasons to attend military schools are much fold.  These places offer quality education and help students develop into a better person. Their education will focus on character development, enhancing leadership skills, and academics through rigorous training.  In addition, core values such as integrity, honor, discipline, duty, and service is emphasized.  Military high schools also have a heavy emphasis on math, science, technology, and engineering to prepare students for higher learning.    Besides academics, military schools also have great athletic programs. In terms of gender diversity, some military schools coexist with girls and boys, some just boys, and others have individual programs for boys and girls on the same campus.  Though it may not be for everyone, a daily structured setting is introduced, which provides an ideal learning environment to develop and mature.

High schools have a program called Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps or JROTC for short.  It is a government program affiliated with the Army most high schools in the nation.  The other divisions of the military also have something similar in place.  Around half of this program’s participants will continue on to an active military career. This program is unique in the sense that military schools offer students a taste of military philosophy and life at the high school level.  JROTC is a vital part of many military school programs.  The teachers from military schools are often retired former officers of the Army.

Featured High Schools

St. John’s Military School

There are many reasons to consider attending St. John’s Military School. Parents and guardians want the best future possible for their sons. And young men want the chance to develop into successful, well-rounded men. St. John’s provides Cadets with a positive structured environment and exceptional learning opportunities that help them thrive and fulfill their abilities.
St. John’s is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for the education and development of young men. Our dedicated and caring staff and faculty are engaged in every aspect of a Cadet’s life, and we work hard to provide the individualized instruction and support that each Cadet needs. Our controlled environment allows Cadets to pursue academics without the kinds of distractions that are present in many other middle and high school environments. Here are some other facts about St. John’s.
We are extremely proud of the accomplishments of the extraordinary young men at St. John’s. We have some of the finest young men in the nation and are privileged to assist them as they develop the life skills necessary to pursue success. Our environment encourages self-discipline, confidence, self-pride and respect for and responsibility to others. With these tools, our Cadets become prepared for their futures.

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Oak Ridge Military Academy

When making the decision to send your struggling teen to a military school for boys, training and discipline are not the only things a parent looks for their son to receive, you want a quality education. Preparing a child for college is difficult, and there are many roadblocks that can hold a child back from succeeding in high school.
If you put the education received in military schools aside, you will see there are other aspects a boy can obtain while disciplined in a structured environment. Military drill and leadership are just two of the many things learned. Your son can obtain rank and learn how to lead his teen peers after he has been a follower first. Learning to clean your room, make your bed, shine your shoes are some of the other disciplines taught at a military school for boys. This helps a child succeed and learn it takes discipline and time to become a better person in life.

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Military Junior College

Military junior colleges are another option for those that want to enter the military. JUCO has an Early Commissioning Program that offers high school grads an opportunity to be commissioned officers.  They can obtain a second lieutenant status in two years instead of four.  In the United States, five junior colleges exist that provide this program.  Four of the five military JUCO also private military training for younger students ages 12 to 18.

Military Colleges

Military universities specialize in future development by offering a great learning experience that gives graduates real-world experience in becoming leaders of tomorrow regardless of where they end up.  Military schools provide a wide variety of school majors and programs that are akin to the very best universities in the world.  There are some college and universities that have specific curriculum tailored to the maritime field, aerospace engineering, government service, and military careers for women and men.  Then there are some military schools that give a more balanced and rich liberal arts education.  The students that finish such a tough academic education will have the competency and skills required to achieve success in our increasingly global society.  While most that go to military schools will want to serve our country as military officers, every graduate will be a leader with a solid ethical footing that will help them contribute to lifelong success in any walk of life.

Service Academies

The most sought after military education is from service academies.  These are the three military colleges that are part of the Army, Air Force, and Navy.  The Army is represented by West Point, Navy by Annapolis, and Air Force by the Air Force Academy.  In the past, these places only accepted men, but fortunately, women gain admittance later on.  Service academies provide top-notch training for anyone who wants be in the military profession.  However, getting accepted in any of the three programs is highly difficult.  The acceptance rate is often below ten percent a year.  For those lucky enough to get in, they receive an education for free from the government.  In addition, students get a stipend and a laptop.  In exchange, graduates will have to work five years in the military upon graduation.  Those with better grades get to pick their choice of military base first.
However one may look at it, military schools provide an ideal learning experience at any level that blends a unique and proven model emphasizing academic growth, leadership development, and strong values to prepare young people for lives of citizenship and service. Students that come out of these programs often are leaders in our community as represented by different professions.

Who Are Military Schools For?

Students that go to these schools are often highly motivated individuals that want to improve themselves and are ready to take action.  They also want a career in the military and to serve their country with honor.  However, anyone can benefit from the structure and discipline offered by a military schools education.  Those with bad study habits can learn to be more focused and organized.  The end result can be a life-changing experience, dramatically for the better.

How Much Does Military Schools Cost?

The cost of a military school varies depending on different factors.  Public military schools are government subsidized day schools and do not have tuition cost.  Private military schools cost a lot because they include room, board, and tuition.  The total cost can run up to $30,000 or more per year. Some schools give parents the option of boarding or just day schooling, which can save some money.  Another way to get a discount is to pay the entire semester at once.  In general, attending a private military school is very expensive.  It is best to make sure that your child will want to be there before making a big financial commitment.

How to Pay for Military Schools

Finding the money to pay for tuition and other school-related expenses can be a challenge considering the costs involved.  One of the options available to help with funding education is military schools scholarships.  These are available for exceptional students.  Often times, parents can get a student loan to help pay for expenses.  However, this money will have to be paid back once the student graduates.  Of course, this only applies to private colleges and not public ones.



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