Uttarayan the Kites Festival

Uttarayan the Kites Festival (Kite Festival In Gujarat)

Why call Makar sankranti ?

Kite flying was one of India’s most aggressive, fun, and communal sport for centuries. Shared across generations, this fire of the Indian people is indulged in through the year but there are just a few events where it participates en masse. The yearly International Kite Festival of Gujarat appears to be among them. The Kite Festival is celebrated in the occasion of Makar Sankranti in fourteenth January, and can also be known as Uttarayan. Makar Sankranti is grandly celebrated at Gujarat each year over two to 3 days. Astrologically, the event marks the entrance of sunlight into the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

What doing on this day of Uttarayan (makarr sankranti) ?

 People rejoice because the weather thaws with hot winds which herald spring, as well as the start of a crop for the farmers. Uttarayan In Gujarat, the excitement for this festival in addition to kite flying is so powerful that the Government sanctioned fourteenth and 15th January as public holidays. Preparations for this event are started months beforehand by households and sellers. Early in the morning fourteenth January, as you step out on your balconies and terraces, you'd see hundreds of kites being flown in the sunrise winds. Families wake up early to make the most of the air and weather and begin kite flying contests with their acquaintances.

Celebrations on day of Uttarayan (makarr sankranti)

    Check out the Hot Air Balloon Festival of Karnataka to fly like a kite! Children are seen bouncing by the excitement and eagerness to try their hands at it too. Groups of families and buddies congregate in the most spacious terraces and make plans to take down because of many kites because they can. The festival convenes people of all ages and creeds, lending a feeling of warmth and comfort to the festival air. Indian kites, that are called patang, are made of lightweight paper and bamboo sticks. Nearly all of these are rhombus shaped and painted or dyed at beautiful, colorful patterns.

Uttarayan the Kites Festival

Different types of kites flying on sky 

      Kites made of materials like plastic, nylon, and others are also available from the markets. The lines for the kites are specially made covered at a mixture of adhesive, rice paste, cut glass, and others so that they acquire a sandpaper texture. This is done so the kite flyers may easily cut off the Kites of rival kites at the aerial fights. Thousands of kite sellers can be seen haggling and selling their products to dozens of enthusiasts who stock up in piles of kites. The stores stay open for twenty-four hours for Uttarayan. International Kite Festival In Ahmedabad, thousands of individuals Go to the place of the International Kite Festival and wonder of the variety of kites at the sky. Here, you see kites other than the Indian patang. Hundreds of participants from not only Gujarat or India but from many areas of the world come to show their distinctive kite designs.


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Uttarayan the Kites Festival

Uttarayan the Kites Festival

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